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Week 7 of The Pregnancy Diaries

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While we should have really started at week 1, we didn’t know for sure until last week and didn’t want to tempt fate!

We are going to chronicle the ups and downs of pregnancy, as a couple.

The highs, the lows and some of the things that we have taken to Googling!

When Do You Tell People?

This really is the burning question, at least it was once we had found out that we had managed the seemingly impossible. You can’t drink. Certain foods are to be avoided. There may be spontaneous runs to the toilet and mostly importantly, your boobs will be massive! People are going to notice, they’re not blind.

when to tell people

Just when is right to tell your family and friends?

We took the decision to tell our close family and a couple of very close friends but the rest of the world is still none the wiser. Except for our readers! We have written a more detailed account of deciding when tell people and how we did it.

A Trip To Walton on Thames

For each week, we are trying to have one nice Instax image, with Jo unusually cradling her stomach (it is a little strange to passers by).

walton on thames trip

This week, that meant a trip to Walton on Thames. For those of you outside of the UK or for those who’ve never been, I would highly recommend it.

Unlike the coastal hot spots, you can have a nice walk along the water without throngs of other people getting in the way. We’re not really sure why the area is quite so quiet but we are glad that it is!

Jo and I tucked into a pub lunch. Jo gave the bar staff the wrong table number but this mistake (blame the baby brain) did result in an extra portion of sweet potato fries, so who’s complaining? 🙂 If you’re ever in the area then we would recommend ‘The Angler’ down on the river.

food menu

Despite eyeing up the chicken pies, Jo opted for the vegetable tart. Jo’s current diet is a mix between getting as much food in as possible and getting the nutrients for the baby. In this case, that meant a huge vegetable tart, potatoes and more vegetables. On other days it can just as easily mean pizza followed by crisps followed by chocolate.

Moreover, before, Jo could go 4-5 hours without food. Now, that ‘feeding window’ has been cut down to just 3 hours. If you’re on a trip, you better know where your next meal is coming from.

Supportive Bras

Gone are the days of shopping for the latest fashion.

Now the focus is on pantyliners and supportive bras. I’m not going to dwell on the need for the pantyliners because… you know. But stock up as soon as you see that second pink line appear- you’ll be glad you did!

I’d always tried to maintain a no-bra/underwear bed policy. I think it is important to maintain a certain level of physical intimacy in a relationship. To me, the day we start changing into our pyjamas and reading our respective books is the day that we’ve become old!

However, the severe boob swelling and subsequent pain has been a real hammer blow to this policy.

Without a bra, Jo is basically unable to move in the bed without some considerable pain. What’s more, Jo’s previous selection of bras simply isn’t up to the job. A Janet Jackson-like Superbowl accident never seemed far away.

janet jackson nipple slip

A trip to the shops for some new baggy and extra supportive bras is a must when you’re expecting. At this stage you’ll probably need one cup bigger than your usual size.

All The Food & Naps

I’m still not quite sure just how much Jo is overselling the need for naps.

Jo has always been a lover of shuteye. There are 10am naps, lunch time naps, post-lunch naps, afternoon naps, pre-dinner naps, post-dinner naps and pre-bed naps. You’ll think I’m exaggerating but these are all legitimate slots in the ‘daily nap diary’.

A nap a day would normally keep the grump away. Now, that target needs to be revised to two (last Saturday it was actually three!). Which is pretty difficult to fit into full-time employment. Last night for instance, Jo napped straight after dinner, woke for around 30 minutes and then headed for bed. We are going to write a post taking a more specific look at the needs for sleep when you’re expecting.

“I’ve Not Had Any Mood Swings”

Finally, while Jo is adamant that she has not had any mood swings, there are definite signs on the horizon.

Plus, there is a certain absent mindedness. Putting cups onto imaginary tables, forgetting EVERYTHING, leaking water everywhere and the list could really go on.

It is understandable, the combination of tiredness, discomfort and something growing inside you will be take its toll.

We’re still in the early stages so I’m still able to combat any grump with a smile 🙂 It is the least I can do with all that Jo is having to deal with. I certainly wouldn’t be volunteering to take over the baby making duties!


…and thanks for stopping by. I thought I would introduce us; myself (Jo) and my boyfriend Chris. We’ll both be uploading our innermost thoughts and musings over the next phase of our lives which we hope is a very happy one. Welcome to our world x

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