Week 11 of The Pregnancy Diaries

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My pregnancy belly

The weekend was chilled, we had no major plans as I just wanted to rest and do as we pleased. I went to a body-balance class which is supposed to be ideal during pregnancy, and found the instructor to be just as abrasive as before. I can definitely tell I have downgraded my gym, though at £62 per month it still isn’t cheap.

I just don’t trust them to give the right advice to women who are having a baby;  as one instructor says one thing and says to do pregnancy adaptations of some of the exercises and the other says I’ll be fine. I did the class, taking it easy when I felt I needed to, but have decided not to do another class until I’ve had the scan and reached the ‘safer’ zone of 14 weeks.

I also went for a pedicure as had some vouchers to use and my feet were looking pretty ugly. As I know that steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzis are off limits during pregnancy.  I did my research before going to the salon as I knew they used foot spas. The majority of what I read said it was safe to have a pedicure, but as a first time mum I think you naturally err on the side of caution.

I asked the salon owner if they were safe (another dubious answer, I wasn’t sure he actually knew the answer) requested the temperature wasn’t too warm and there were no bubbles. I mean, it was over 30 degrees outside, I wouldn’t have wanted a boiling hot foot soak anyway! I had also read that there are some pressure points in the feet that when pressed can lead to miscarriage, so again I requested no foot massage. The woman doing my pedicure looked at me as if I had grown a second head, but again I refuse to take any risks I don’t need to. I almost wish I could be one of those blissfully ignorant people, but I really can’t.

Whilst perusing the various baby forums over the risks of using nail varnish while pregnant some women were quite abusive to some of those asking the questions one even telling another to ‘get a grip’. Helpful!

In the evening, I think I fell asleep about seven, sleeping intermittently all the way round to 8am. It was another scorcher of a day so I went for a swim, we went to visit Chris’ mum and sister for lunch, then finished the weekend off with a stroll around the local ponds, stopping to take the weekly Instax picture.

This week was probably one of the most worrying weeks. However despite the on-going worry, there were no tears unlike weeks nine and weeks ten. Over the last five days I have been experiencing an on-off light browny pink discharge, with one morning even having a stringy bit.

Sorry for the details, but I think stuff like this is important to share as it freaked me right out when I first experienced it. Our mums both said the same thing, it was because I would have been on my period at this point, and with no bright red or cramps it wasn’t too much to worry about. I thought after a few days it would just go away, but by Wednesday I wanted to speak to someone properly.

I called the pregnancy advice line and they were really nice, telling me what to look out for and explaining it was ‘old’ blood (nice) that was being cleared out. I know my friend’s sister had lots of spotting throughout her three pregnancies, so knew it wasn’t unheard of. However, since finding out I have literally examined the stuff multiple times per day so the change worried me somewhat.

By Friday it was still happening so called the advice line again, even just to make sure it was on my notes. The midwife I spoke to was very nice and reassuring saying she wasn’t worried. It seems this doesn’t really happen when I’m sat down or asleep so plan on doing as little as possible between now and the scan and until next Saturday when we turn 13 weeks, all the while with my fingers silently crossed that everything is ok. 

In other news, the bump is looking quite big! almost like I have smuggled a melon under my top. My mum keeps saying there’s a football team in there, and when I texted my old manager she was like woa!! twins or you are further along then you thought. I’m literally counting the hours until 3pm on Tuesday when it’s our scan appointment- just 3 days, 6 hours to go!

…and thanks for stopping by. I thought I would introduce us; myself (Jo) and my boyfriend Chris. We’ll both be uploading our innermost thoughts and musings over the next phase of our lives which we hope is a very happy one. Welcome to our world x

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