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We have news! We’re pregant!!

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So, it seems like a small eternity has passed since we saw the words PREGNANT appear on the little digital screen just under two weeks ago.

pregnancy test
Still can’t believe it! 🙂

The Early Disappointment

I’ll start the day my period was due to make its appearance (day 29, I had exactly pinpointed when I ovulated and knew from the previous month my luteal phase was 14 days long). My boobs had been crazy sore for almost two weeks by this point, which while I did think was somewhat strange for me, it also happened in December so I didn’t get my hopes up.

On the Saturday morning I woke up and did a test, a cheapie one (don’t use them!) that had been sitting in the drawer since December as a backup. Words can’t describe just how negatively I feel towards these tests. Read some of the reviews online, they’re really quite comical. In pregnancy tests, it turns out you get what you pay for.

I took it as I was going to stay over at one of my old friend’s new houses and we were planning to have a prosecco catch-up.

It came out negative despite being the first wee of the day and the packet claiming to give accurate results from four days before your missed period.

Retail Therapy

My poor credit card took somewhat of a battering this day; I went out and got my nails, eyelashes and eyebrows done as well as impulsively buying various bits of clothing in preparation for my upcoming holiday. If I wasn’t pregnant, I could at least look fabulous!

I had a nice weekend in Kent, we both shed a few tears but I left feeling a whole lot better than I arrived.

The Monday at work came and went, and I spent the evening napping and packing. No change from the usual routine. Chris left his packing until the last minute, as per usual.

Starting To Wonder

Still no period. We flew to Maderia, I could literally smell the old people on the plane and complained about Chris’ bad breath (poor guy, I’m nice really) not realising my sense of smell was in overdrive! I spent the next four days feeling like my period was going to appear and potentially bring my holiday mood down. Although, learning that the local cocktail was just 2 euros sooner perked my spirits.

madeira cocktail

I had researched Maderia a lot in the run up to our holibobs, and had a whole Pintrest board of things I wanted to see and do while we were there. Now, this is very unlike me, but I got a huge map from reception. I circled and labelled all the places, breaking them into daily chunks. Way more organised than I’ve ever been before. I was determined to keep my mind firmly occupied! Chris didn’t help any help in that department, with the never-ending world cup.

madeira map


It was good to step off the daily treadmill, spend some quality time together and generally just chill out. The island was very pretty too, probably the greenest place I have ever been with flowers everywhere. The volcanic soil was just so ridiculously fertile.

hotel pic

By Thursday I was constantly peering into my pants every time I went to the loo. Poor Chris got an update each and every time. We went for a really nice meal on the Thursday, ironically called ‘Chris’ Place’. It was the full three courses complete with palette cleansers and amuse-bouche in between. It also came with wine, which was delicious.

holiday fun

I made the decision to stop drinking after this meal just in case. We didn’t know, but the next day I was actually 5 weeks! I started brushing up on pregnancy nutrition. Swapped the copious amounts of cheese and ham toasties to avocado salads and reduced my caffeine intake. I considered doing a test while we were away, but Chris didn’t want to ruin the holiday. So we carried on as we were, chatting away apprehensively hopefully about our ‘prospective child’. At one point Chris joked it was either that or I had entered the menopause!!!

The painted doors were certainly a great distraction:

painted doors

The Waiting Was Over

We returned home on the Monday, me fighting the desperate urge to wee at the airport multiple times. However after six months of symptom spotting and disappointment I still didn’t want to get my hopes up. In the evening we popped out to Asda to pick up some groceries as well as a Clear blue digital test. I was in my pyjamas and the test set off three alarms! Slightly embarrassing.

I was planning to do the test the next morning. I got it out of its packet and set it on the side of the bathroom sink while Chris was in the shower. He called me in, “Jo, I think you should do the test now”. “Noooooo”, I replied. I also had very little wee in me at this point. “Pee on the stick Jo”, he insisted. Fine, I tried to squeeze out a wee, it was literally the most pathetic wee I have ever done in my life.

I did the test, then left it on the side of the bath and ran out to the kitchen to sort our lunches as I couldn’t face the wait.

“Jooooo, Jooooooo” came a call from the bathroom a few minutes later. OMG! Chris was smiling peering round the shower curtain. We kissed and I picked it up to see I was actually 3+ weeks!! “Call your mum, call your mum”. As mums usually do when their kids call gone 10pm my mum picked up concerned something was wrong “are you ok?”. “Yup the three of us are ok”, I replied 🙂 I think we all went to bed happy and relieved that evening, and excited for what was to come.

I even had Maisie purring on my lap to congratulate me!

maisie purring

…and thanks for stopping by. I thought I would introduce us; myself (Jo) and my boyfriend Chris. We’ll both be uploading our innermost thoughts and musings over the next phase of our lives which we hope is a very happy one. Welcome to our world x

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