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Best Sex Position To Get Pregnant? (Our 29 Favourites)

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There are certain positions that will be harming your chance of conceiving.

You could be trying and trying but not getting anywhere.

Find out which are the best positions, some of the secrets and improve your chances of conception from reading a single article (about 5 minutes of your time).

So, now that we have decided to take the plunge into parenting. Chris and I needed to address one important question, what is the best sex position to get pregnant in?

If we are going to make a baby then we may as well do it right!

There are a few clues from popular culture, namely Phoebe tilting herself upside down on a sofa to “let gravity do its thing” (Friends reference). But is there really a best way? Humans have been having sex and making babies for thousands of years and while we have the tantric sex manual, there isn’t really the equivalent for getting pregnant.

In our search, we have read dozens of articles on the subject and feel pretty well informed and able to share the summation of our research.

This article covers:

Top 29 Sex Positions For Conception

#1 Doggy Style

Doggy style

Conception Score: 8/10

While this probably isn’t the most romantic and intimate way to conceive your baby, it could be one of the most effective. Doggy style opens up the cervix much more than some of the other positions, giving the sperm the best chance of reaching their destination.

It also allows for deeper penetration, meaning they have less distance to travel. Despite all of this supporting information, you may find, that like me, you might not want to conceive your first born by doggy style.

#2 The Missionary Position

Missionary position

Conception Score: 7/10

This is perhaps the most popular position in the world. I think in modern times, the missionary position gets a bad rap and is often considered to be the ‘vanilla’ position. A position for those that get their ideas for sex from the ‘love-making’ scenes in romantic movies rather than ‘other sources’.

However, that really couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is probably one of the easiest of the positions listed, it allows you to maintain eye contact with your partner and allows for enough penetration to boost your chances.

Laying on your back means the sperm will have a good chance of navigating their way through the cervix and your legs can be easily hoisted post-climax, to ensure none of the sperm leak out.

Really, if we are to be believe that this is the most popular position over the years then it stands to reason that it must be a good choice for conception because there are over 6 billion of us roaming the planet now.

#3 Spooning


Conception Score: 3/10

This is probably one of my least favourite sex positions anyway, so I was happy to learn that it isn’t exactly the best choice for conception. Spooning means that there is only minimal penetration and there isn’t the same opportunity for a deep thrust to finish. While some might find it to be a romantic choice, it isn’t going to get the job done, like some of the other positions on the list.

#4 Plough

the plough sex position

Conception Score: 8/10

As you might have thought from the image, this position isn’t one for the sexual novice and does require a degree of physical fitness from both the man and the woman. However, if you are able to try it then you are improving your chances of conception.

The plough allows for deep penetration, meaning the sperm don’t have as far to travel and if you remain in the position for a little while after, the sperm will have gravity to help them on their way. I would recommend that you make sure you’re both in a stable position before going for it (we learnt the hard way!).

#5 Woman On Top

Woman on top

Conception Score: 5/10

After you having been trying a while then this might be a popular choice for the man. There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests that this might not be the best position for conception. With the woman on top, gravity means that some of the millions of sperm can escape back out.

It is important to remember that millions of sperm are released in one ejaculation so even if thousands leak out, there are plenty more still heading in the right direction. I think the jury is still out on this position but it doesn’t have the same rave reviews as others.

#6 The Happy Baby

happy baby sex position

Conception Score: 10/10

This is a kind of variation on the missionary position and does require a degree of flexibility on the woman’s part. However, it is one of the most satisfying positions for the woman and is one of the yoga poses that is most likely to lead to an orgasm.

In terms of getting pregnant though, this position allows for maximum penetration, lets gravity do its thing and will add a bit of spice to your sex life.

#7 The Anvil

the anvil sex position

Conception Score: 10/10

If you’ve mastered missionary and enjoyed happy baby, then the anvil might be the next one to try. In this position, your legs are drawn slightly further up and your hands are on the man’s arms or back. Again, this position allows for maximum penetration, prevents loss of sperm and with a pillow under your bum, will tilt your cervix the perfect amount.

#8 The Butterfly

the butterfly sex position

Conception Score: 8/10

While missionary may be considered to be the ‘vanilla’ position, you’re quickly discovering that there are literally hundreds of ways to add a little spice to an old favourite. The butterfly probably can’t be considered as the most romantic way to conceive.

This position does require a surface that is about the same height as your partner’s waist, a table will normally do the job. Like the other effective positions, the butterfly allows for maximum penetration and allows gravity to do its job.

#9 The Cat

the cat sex position

Conception Score: 7/10

This position isn’t just good for conceiving but is also shown to improve the chance of the woman orgasm. This variation of the missionary position has the man moving closer towards the woman’s shoulders and allow for permanent connection. Like the missionary position, the penetration is good for conceiving and you can quickly swing your legs into the air.

#10 The Cowgirl

the cow girl sex position

Conception Score: 5/10

This position and its cousin mentioned below have become real fan favourites in recent years. While this position allows the woman to control the speed and depth, it is more difficult to achieve maximum penetration. While the clitorial simulation will be enjoyable, it isn’t improving the chance of your conceiving.

#11 The Reverse Cowgirl

the reverse cow girl

Conception Score: 5/10

If the cowgirl is popular then the reverse cowgirl is really popular although, while I enjoy the position, I have to say that it is signficantly less personal. While the guy gets to admire his partner’s bottom, there isn’t the usual eye contact and the intimacy that comes with it.

#12 The Pretzel

the pretzel sex position

Conception Score: 9/10

This option isn’t anywhere near as painful as it sounds. If you have the flexibility then this is a great position. You can enjoy the penetration of doggy style without the lack of eye contact. Plus, with the extra depth, you’re improving your chances of conception no end. This has quickly become one of our favourites.

#13 The Squat Thruster

the squat thruster sex position

Conception Score: 9/10

I think this is potentially the most intense position that I have ever tried. This requires a degree of fitness from the guy to keep squatting up and down and requires a degree of flexibility on the woman’s part. In this position, the guy really needs to be extra careful not to force himself down, all of that extra pressure will go on the woman’s neck and that is sure to be a real buzzkill.

In terms of conceiving, this position ticks all the boxes. Deeper penetration and the woman is already in a position to help the sperm head in the right direction. However, I don’t think it can be a regular choice. Maybe only special occasions.

#14 Downward Dog

the downward dog sex position

Conception Score: 6/10

Yes, this is a very popular yoga position but it is also a sex position. This pose allows for the man to keep his weight off the woman with his arms while also controlling the speed and depth to help the fun last for a little bit longer. Like doggy, there is a good level of penetration in this position but you will have to be quick to ensure gravity doesn’t do its worst.

#15 Pole Position

the pole position

Conception Score: 4/10

This is often considered to be a real fan favourite for women. By pressing up against your thigh will moving up and down, the woman gets twice the stimulation. From a conception point of view, this position isn’t the best, the penetration will often be a little limited and it is difficult to quickly move into a horizontal position afterwards. Still, it is good fun 🙂

#16 The Bicycle

the bicycle sex position

Conception Score: 10/10

This another very intense position and another for which I would recommend treading a little carefully at first. You don’t want to go too hard too soon. In terms of trying to conceive, this position is perfect, it allows for really deep penetration. So deep that it might be a little bit too much to handle at first.

Ease into it and you’ll both enjoy it. Make sure you are always chatting with your partner, is the pressure, speed, etc… right for them. Yes you want to be in the moment but you always want to make it an awesome experience for both of you. Especially when trying to conceive.

#17 Iron Chef

the iron chef

Conception Score: 4/10

If you have ever dreamed about using your kitchen work surface for more than just chopping vegetables then the iron chef position could be a good place to start. From experience, your work surface does need to be at the right sort of height for this choice to work. While it is good fun, this one isn’t going to improve your chances of conceiving.

#18 The Wheelbarrow

the wheelbarrow position

Conception Score: 5/10

I have to say that we found this one virtually impossible. You’re too busy trying to stay aligned and upright that you can’t really do that much ‘thrusting’. We did have a laugh trying it out but I think you’d have to be very athletic to pull it off. To me, the calories burned during sex are a little bonus, not the reason I do it!

Due to how difficult it is to penetrate deeply, I don’t think this is the best choice when trying to conceive.

#19 The Waterfall

the waterfall sex position

Conception Score: 4/10

This position really isn’t for the faint-hearted, you should be able to tell that just from the imagine above. To be honest, even if this was the best position for conceiving I wouldn’t be recommending it. However, if you’ve got bored while trying to conceive then it might be worth trying, just try not to land on the guy’s head.

The penetration is ok but with the blood rush to the head, the man will orgasm with less depth and vigour than normal.

#20 The Love Seat

lazy love seat sex position

Conception Score: 5/10

While I love the name of this position, I wouldn’t put it top of the list of positions that’ll help you make a baby. It is a really enjoyable position that allows you to both reach climax but there will be a lot of leakage after the event and there isn’t the same depth of penetration, as found in other positions.

#21 The Spin Cycle

the spin cycle sex position

Conception Score: 2/10

If I didn’t think the love seat was the right choice then the spin cycle definitely isn’t. I just couldn’t help but include it in the collection because just the idea of it brought a smile to my face. You basically do the love seat but on a washing machine, which is spinning. Choose the setting that you think you can handle!

#22 Stairway to Heaven

stairway to heaven sex position

Conception Score: 3/10

There is just one more variation of the love seat is this collection. Again, I just absolutely loved the name and thought I had to pop it into the list. It is both a bit dangerous and not particularly fun, from personal experience.

However, if you want to try something a bit different that very few people will have probably tried then Stairway to Heaven could be the position for your next love making session.

#23 The Seated Wheelbarrow

Conception Score: 5/10

Like its cousin, featured as #18 in this list, I found the seated wheelbarrow to be a difficult pose to get right. It is definitely easier than the other version. It still puts a lot of pressure on the woman’s arms and it difficult to really move too much.

There is a good level of penetration but for the sheer difficulty and awkwardness. I don’t think this is the right choice when trying to conceive. For those who can master these more exotic positions, then it might be a different story.

#24 The Standing Dragon

Conception Score: 7/10

Again, I absolutely love the name of this position, it sounds so much more flamboyant than it actually is. The standing dragon is essentially doggy style with the woman on all fours on the bed. Like doggy style, this is a pose that you’ll both enjoy, is easy and has a good level of penetration when you’re trying to conceive. This one should definitely be added to your repertoire.

#25 The Restroom Attendant

Conception Score: 6/10

This position doesn’t have the same catchy name as the ‘Standing Dragon’. It is another variation of the ever popular doggy style. If you’re looking to test your sinks stability then this one is absolutely ideal. However, in terms of making a baby, this won’t be the best option for you. Nonetheless, it is fun and is great for a spontaneous moment of passion.

#26 The Couch Surfer

Conception Score: 8/10

This is yet another variation of the doggy style position. You can see that there isn’t a surface or object around the home that can’t be turned into a sex object. In this variation, the woman is bent over the edge of the sofa and penetrated deeply from behind.

I would suggest that you place something soft on the chair’s arm to prevent any friction burns (learnt this the hard way!!). It can be a quick and easy option with good penetration.

#27 The Mountain Climber (we call this the press-up)

Conception Score: 9/10

Surprisignly, this is the first position that we ever tried. It does seem a little exotic for a first time option but it is essentially missionary without the weight of the man on top of you. It does mean that the man needs some upper body strength but the reward for this extra effort is deeper penetration.

We still absolutely love this one and it is an added bonus that it improves your chance of conceiving.

#28 Face Off

Conception Score: 4/10

This is one of the most intimate positions in the whole list and really helps bring you closer to your partner. It would be one of the more passionate ways to conceive. However, the position doesn’t lend itself to penetration and there is a chance of the sperm escaping after the event. Nonetheless, for the luteal phase, this could be the perfect position to have some fun.

#29 The Lazy Man

Conception Score: 3/10

If your partner is tried from work and doesn’t feel like putting in the effort then this can be a great way to make it easy for him. The name really does say it all. Like the other positions with the woman on top, the chances of conceiving aren’t as high as with the male dominated position. Gravity and penetration depth don’t help this position’s chances of leading to conception.

While this is the conclusion of our list, there are literally hundreds of different ways to add a little spice to your baby making routine. There is no excuse for your sex life to become stale, even if there are set times and days! While getting the position right is important, there a number of other factors that will influence your chance of falling pregnant and some of them are detailed here.

The Logic Behind – Pregnancy Inducing Sex Positions

I thought that before I was able to discover the best sex position for conception, I would have to first understand the logic behind my choices.

Were we looking for the position with maximum penetration that would give the sperm the shortest distance to travel?

Are we looking for a position that means the sperm stay heading in the right direction after they’ve embarked on their mission?

Is there a magic button inside me that I need to press that will give the sperm the shortcut to success?

Much to my amazement, there haven’t actually been many scientific studies into these sorts of things. I guess it is difficult to get mice to have sex in different positions!

In place of the scientific studies and research, there is mountains and mountains of anecdotal evidence.

Some of which I’m very suspicious of. In some cases, it looks like guys are posting in forums as women to then show their partner the post.

However, cutting through all the noise, it does seem that positions with deeper penetration that also allow for the sperm to stay in were more successful, at least anecdotally. Plus, if nothing else, you will get to have a bit of fun trying all the different positions!

Don’t Forget The Foreplay

It can be all too easy for baby making to take the fun out of your sex life. There are a few reasons that you need to be really careful that this doesn’t happen to you.

Firstly, you don’t want one of the most fun things you can do as a couple to become a chore. If you aren’t lucky enough to conceive in the first months then you could be having sex quite a lot, over a period of months.

If you don’t want this to be gruelling experience then get into the right habits at the start. Trying a range of these positions rather than doing the same thing is a good place to start.

Secondly, and potentially most importantly, heightened male arousal has been proven to increase sperm count in some cases. Rather than getting straight to it, it is worth taking the time to engage in a bit of light foreplay to get his juices flowing.

Thirdly, this is a time to enjoy and not a time to rush. Enjoy the time that you’re spending being intimate with your partner. Once you have achieved your goal, it won’t be as easy to maintain your sex life. Libido variations kick in and physical barriers are introduced, namely incredibly sore boobs.

Ultimately, you’re better to have sex 2-3 times a week. Making those times extra special rather than having half-hearted sex as much as you can. It will be better for your relationship, better for your mental state and you will have more chance of conceiving.

Are There Positions That Will Make It More Likely To Conceive A Boy or Girl?

As you might have expected, there is virtually no evidence to support the idea that a certain position will lead to a boy or girl. Firstly, I don’t see how you would actually be able to accurately test this and secondly, I don’t understand how the position could really make any difference? However, if you do want to test the theories out, then there are few a suggestions floating around:

  • If the woman orgasms first then there is a theory that an alkaline fluid is released that gives the male sperm a better chance of reaching their goal before their female counterparts.
  • Conceiving closer to the time of ovulation is more likely to produce a boy. This was a popular theory when conducting my research but I couldn’t find any scientific studies or evidence to actually support it, with the exception of Shettles Theory, which claims to be 75% accurate for boys and 80% accurate for girls. The logic behind this theory is that in a straight race, the male sperm will beat the female sperm.
  • There is then the Whelan method that completely contradicts Shettles theory and suggests biochemical changes early in the cycle make it more likely for a boy to be conceived. Really, there is no definitive answer.
  • Apparently, the higher the sperm count then the more likely you are to have a boy. So if you want a boy then do everything you can to raise that count.
  • There are even some people that suggest conceiving at night or on odd days of the month, is the way to guarantee having a baby boy!

These are just a selection of the anecdotal suggestions, I will leave it up to you to believe them or not. If you pick a particular theory then it does have a 50/50 chance of being right.

Does The Woman Need To Orgasm Too?

Considering that it is estimated that 75% of women don’t reach climax from penetrative sex alone, I think we would have a major fertility problem if this was the case. While it may make the whole experience a lot more fun and enjoyable, the female orgasm does nothing to help the sperm on their journey.

While gentle contractions in the womb will help the sperm along, these will take place with or without an orgasm.

Should I Stick My Legs In The Air After?

Logic would suggest yes, but there is a lot of conflicting evidence. By tilting your legs in the air and resting your bottom on a pillow, you’re achieving two things. Firstly, you’re preventing any sperm escaping out of the entrance they just came in! Secondly, you’re allowing gravity to potentially help the sperm move through your cervix.

Again, it is pretty hard to find any definitive scientific evidence to suggest this approach will help. Then again, it can’t hurt. If you’ve got a bit of spare time after sex then you may as well try it, particularly if you have been struggling to conceive.

How Much Sex Should We Be Having?

Popular opinion is that the more sex the better when it comes to making a baby. You have a small window each month, during which you should be making sure that every single sperm is going towards achieving your goal.

However, recent scientific studies have suggested that there is such a thing as having too much sex. If you’re suffering from fertility problems, like a low sperm count. Too much sex can impact on the sperm quality and quantity.

Conversely, a prolonged break from sex can also impact on the quality. The notion of storing the sperm for the month isn’t the right idea! If the sperm spend too long in the testies then their DNA can become damaged and they become less effective. The recommended approach is to have sex once every 2-3 days throughout the month when trying.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

There are numerous studies linking alcohol with infertility problems. While you can still conceive while having a drink, and many people have, it does still impact on your chances. Drinking just 1 to 5 drinks a week can impact on fertility, while having more than 5 will have an even more adverse effect.

If you know you’re coming up to ovulation then it is a good idea to give yourself a break from the booze.

Avoid The Cigarettes

This is another vice that is said to have an impact on your ability to conceive. Again, this isn’t a barrier but does reduce your chances. Essentially, much of what is healthy for you in every day life is likely to improve your chance of conceiving. Smoking will reduce your chances and could damage the DNA of the sperm and/or egg.

The Final Word

There are hundreds of conflicting stories and articles about how best to improve your chances. You have to find what works for you. If you enjoy the missionary position then do missionary. If you’re feeling really adventurous then give the anvil or butterly a try.

While the position you choose might not have a huge impact, choosing to make healthy choices will. Exercising, eating right, avoiding the booze and not smoking will all give you that little bit extra chance of conceiving.

…and thanks for stopping by. I thought I would introduce us; myself (Jo) and my boyfriend Chris. We’ll both be uploading our innermost thoughts and musings over the next phase of our lives which we hope is a very happy one. Welcome to our world x