The Impact of Stress On Fertility (My Story)

In the modern world, people seldom have the time to stop, think and relax. It can seem like life is happening at 100 miles per hour.

What impact is this modern lifestyle having on our fertility? We’re into month 6 now and still haven’t managed to conceive. We are following the right fertility diet.

Is the monthly stress holding us back? I took a more detailed look at the impact of stress.

Should I Get A Male Fertility Test? (What’s The Best Option?)

At what point do you draw the line? When does a male infertility test become a necessary evil? Jo and I have been trying to conceive for 5 months and are growing increasingly impatient, Jo in particular. Everything you read suggests that patience is the key. 80% of couples will conceive in the first year … Read More

Trying To Get Pregnant After 30 (The Secrets To Natural Conception)

Trying To Get Pregnant After 30 (The Secrets To Natural Conception)

There is a LOT of misinformation floating around about trying to get pregnant in your thirties. Depending what you read, if you are conceiving after thirty then you’re dramatically reducing your chance of conceiving. It seems like there is the perception that some sort of switch gets flicked on your 30th birthday. What’s more, you’re … Read More

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